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We are trusted polyurea innovators in industrial and commercial coatings – formulating, manufacturing and implementing dynamic corrosion protection coating solutions with a global reach.

High performance polyurea products  - formula based on extensive research.   25 US patents and 8 European patents. More than 40 technical papers on polyurea published.

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Produce Innovation

We believe in continuously providing the latest product innovations in order to meet our customers’ needs


Empowering our customers to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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Our customer-service oriented approach is crucial in building a strong customer trust and relationship

The Polyurea Chemistry

A pure polyurea coating/elastomer is derived from the reaction of a polyisocyanate component and an amine-terminated resin blend.  The resulting membrane is a resilient, extremely durable, long-lasting, inert coating/lining material that will provide long term solutions to waterproofing and anti-corrosion requirements. 

POLYCO Advantages

Expertise You Can Rely On

Whether we are implementing dynamic technological solutions in protective coatings or providing training and project consultancy services for clients looking to break into the industry, we are backed by career-long dedications to excellence, technological proficiency and self-development. We bring a wealth of knowledge from the best minds in the industry, so we can meet your commercial or industrial needs.

Our co-founder and chief formulator, Dudley J. Primeaux II is widely recognised as a pioneering polyurea technologist. With an M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry from Lamar University and a plethora of industry experience leading institutions and corporations in polyurea solutions, Dudley became the original developer of 100% solids polyurea spray technology. He has gone on to have an illustrious career, with over 30 patented formulations across the US and Europe, and he is now applying his unparalleled expertise to applications and training across the globe with The Polyurea Company.

Featured products

All of our polyurea products are made according to Dudley’s formulations, based on his extensive research on polyurea chemistry.

PC-750 is a rapid setting, 100% solids, flexible, aromatic two-component pure polyurea for properly prepared substrate.

PC-705PW is a fast set, rapid curing, 100% solids, flexible, two-component pure polyurea elastomer spray coating material for portable water applications.

PC-780 is a rapid setting, 100% solids, flexible, aromatic two-component, ultra-low shrinkage pure polyurea.

Training Through Consultation

We offer customised products for any niche. We achieve this by prioritising our relationships with customers, contractors, suppliers and technicians. We earn the trust of those we work for and alongside because we believe that integrated solutions require dedicated resources and people. Many companies in this industry are product-centric, they dive in, offer a solution and move on. We not only believe in providing ongoing support to our clients, but also in offering training to help new clients and practitioners better understand the industry and acquire the skills needed to consistently innovate.