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Our courses are headed by leading experts in the protective coatings industry and are available around the world – you will learn how to diversify your operation by gaining the skills to seamlessly manage equipment, substrate conditions and project specifications. You’ll be able to rise to any protective coatings challenge in a matter of days.

Surface Preparation for Polyurea Application 1 day

The Surface Preparation course is a dedicated, one-day course specific to surface preparation for successful polyurea application work. Using a combination of classroom and hands-on techniques, you will learn how to effectively identify and characterise the substrate, evaluate and repair the substrate, and perform actual surface preparation methods. You will be learning to apply to concrete, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, foam, wood and any other substrate that may be encountered.

Polyurea Basics 1 day

The concepts course is designed for anyone interested in Polyurea Systems and general application. You will learn the history of polyurea technology, proper safety procedures, general application/equipment knowledge, and basic material processing information.

Polyurea Applicator 2.5 days

The Level I course is a combination of classroom and hands-on spraying to achieve your Applicator Qualification after the completion of a written exam. During this course you will learn about:

  • Polyurea safety
  • Polyurea application
  • Equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Applied testing

You will also understand the importance of substrate characterisation, general surface prep, primer use and topcoat requirements. This highly recommended course is great for both new and experienced polyurea applicators, as the course is updated yearly as new standards, formulation developments and information comes available. This is a three-day course, run in combination with Polyurea Basics.

Polyurea Advanced 1-1.5 days

The Polyurea Advanced course is an advancement next level in the professional polyurea applicator field. This three-day course is a combination course of classroom and hands technique to achieve Advanced Applicator Qualification after the completion of a written exam. During this course one will use the knowledge gained in the previous courses, as well as prior field experiences. This course will cover:

  • Specification identification
  • Interpretation and use
  • Advanced application techniques and project layouts
  • Advanced equipment troubleshooting
  • Inspection of application work

In addition to classroom work and hands-on, several workshops will be completed using typical industry evaluation and inspection equipment. It is highly recommended that the previous courses have been completed, or other industry equivalent courses, as well as field experience with application work.