About Us

About Us

Expertise You Can Rely On

Our status as global specialists in rigorous substrate protection mechanisms derives from our expert adaptability to the needs of any project, our individuated approach to customers and years of experience finding solutions to complex commercial and industrial challenges. Our rapid curing sealants and fast set spray materials are a trusted name in the polyurea industry – our whole suite of products is always undergoing improvements backed by years of technical expertise and experience working on some of the world’s most challenging projects.

Our MIssion

Our practice stands apart because

We design and redesign

We are constantly cultivating new products and working closely with our clients to support their specific application needs and support their cutting edge outputs.

We are always reaching for the best markets

We may have local roots in Singapore, but our network of specialists, distributors and affiliated companies affords us a global reach.

Our values are integral

Our business embraces creativity, self-critique and quality-consciousness with an open mind and we aim to reproduce these values in our work and our relationships with clients.

The Founders

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Dudley J. Primeaux II

Chief Chemist and Product Formulator

Dudley has been directly involved in the polyurea story since the early development works back in the 1980’s. His background is in Organic Chemistry where he holds a Master of Science Degree. He also has a very high degree of mechanical abilities, which proves useful in field application / equipment usage.

Dudley has authored over 40 technical papers relating to the polyurea industry, is named inventor on over 25 US Patents and 8 European Patents. He has experience in the preparation of new raw materials, formulation development, application equipment usage, field application work and failure analysis of coating / lining projects. He knows more about “polyurea” than most in the industry.

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Andrew V. Liew

Business Development

Andrew has been involved in the polyurea industry over the last 2 decades.  Introduced the polyurea technology throughout the Asia and the Middle East, Andrew has spread much awareness and information with regards to the technology. He has experience with polyurea materials, application equipment and field support. Working under Dudley Primeaux II early in his polyurea career days, Andrew reunited with Dudley to set up The Polyurea Company, with the objective of supplying the highest quality pure polyurea products.