Ingenuity. Built-In.

The Polyurea Company is a team of experienced industrial coating engineers and researchers who have come together to provide a wide range of protective coatings and linings for all kinds of substrates.

We specialise in everything central to the structural integrity of high-tech industries, from polyurea-based elastomeric sealant to two-component pure polyurea – suitable for steel and concrete coatings as well as waterproofing and tanker liners.

Most substrates, from concrete and metal to wood, geotextile fabrics, fibre-reinforced plastics and foams are cohesive with our poyurea products. We rise to the challenge, no matter your application. If you need infrstructural protection, waterproofing, containment, protection from weather-based degradation or equipment wear and tear across a range of industries, including but not limited to industrial, commercial, vehicular, marine or environmental, then look no further than our multitude of premier products

All of our polyurea products are made according to Dudley’s formulations, based on his extensive research on polyurea chemistry

Aliphatic Polyurea

The Polyurea Company aliphatic polyurea products have a high degree of color stability even under UV exposure. They also offer exceptional physical properties with added durability and flexibility under exposed conditions

Caulking Polyurea

The Polyurea Company caulking series offers polyurea based plural-component caulking material for use on interior/exterior concrete surfaces to repair random cracks and control joints.

Hand Mix Polyurea

The Polyurea Company Hand Mix Polyurea s a hand mixable, self-levelling, 100% solids, flexible, two-component polyurea and ambient temperature cured material for small repairs.

Spray Polyurethane Foam and Primers are available as accessory products.