Flame Retardant

PC-740FR is a polyurea spray elastomeric that acts as a waterproofing and crack-bridging system, where also a fire proof effect is needed. PC-740FR is used with or without a geotextile membrane to protect concrete, cement screed and steel, basically all above and below ground structures e.g. parking garages, water retaining structures, steel pipes, tanks, oil separators, bulk silos, docks, truck bodies, etc. Furthermore, this system is used for sealing of flat roofs, wood coatings and in the range of industrial floors. It protects all the above from a vast range of chemicals and pollutants. PC-740FR is an extremely durable and safe solution that is designed to protect a variety of structures within a construction environment. It also provides a uniform and seamless coating that has exceptional crack-bridging and waterproofing ability. PC-740FR has excellent adhesion properties, this important fact indicates that the system is, and shall maintain its integrity. This product is ideal for complex and detailed applications. PC- 740FR is also suitable when there is a high humidity factor. PC-740FR is formulated to be self-extinguishing, slight smoking and not drip.

Physical Properties

Mix Ratio by Volume


Gel Time (Seconds)


Tack-Free Time (Minutes)


VOC Content


Solids Content


Shore A Hardness, ASTM D2240

Shore D Hardness, ASTM D2240

35 – 40

Elongation, ASTM D638, Type IV

275 -285

Tensile Strength (PSI), ASTM D638, Type IV


Tear Strength (lb./in.), ASTM D624, Die C

400 – 542

Taber Abrasion, ASTM D4060

(CS-17 Wheel, 1000 Cycles)

100 – 115

Reaction to fire (class) – EN 13501-1:2005

B s2 dØ

The values stated in this technical data sheet are produced under controlled laboratory conditions.